Revelation Festival


Revelation Festival: Live Event Planning & Execution

Revelation Festival is a music festival designed, produced, and founded by Alexander Shepler. The festival was designed around the need for a local Christian music festival. In 2017, Revelation Festival finished its fourth and and final year. This opportunity to curate, build, market, design, and execute a full music festival has been one of my greatest achievements. It truly started on the ground with nothing. It went from us handing out cards at other people's events to people knowing exactly when and where our festival was. As the Founder and Producer of the festival, I was involved in every decision hat was made and solely ran the marketing side. The logo was the fist item to be designed for the event. Believe it or not, we started with the round emblem on this page and adapted it into a full length logo.


Print Marketing

Although it is not the most current way to market to a younger demographic, I decided to still move with getting print advertisements made to hang locally at spots where people are likely to see them, but also to mail out to churches and youth groups in the surrounding areas.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 7.40.30 AM.png

Digital Marketing

The real deal in the grand marketing scheme is the digital outlet. Within each social platform, I am able to use different fact bits about the festival clientele and target the postings toward them, thus bringing them to the event page.


Email Marketing

Utilizing MailChimp, my team and I designed and customized emails to be sent to various email groups promoting the festival. These emails generated a lot of traction both in ticket sales and website traffic. Click here to view all email communication from Revelation Festival.


Video Marketing

Creating engaging and exciting promotional videos has been a larger scale task in the marketing process.

Radio Marketing

Overseeing the recording and editing of Radio Spots.


Photos from Revelation Festival