New Religion Album Release


Social Media Branding

The project with NSTASIA started with creating a simplistic,  yet effective visual for her social media accounts. This was a partnership between Artist and Artist Management.


Individual Release Videos

One of the largest components of this project was the release videos. Something unique that NSTASIA did for her EP was collaborating with Taj to create individual artwork for each single. We put together 30-second Instagram worthy clips of each song with that art as the backdrop.


Promotional Videos

We created videos to promote NSTASIA across multiple platforms. Some were created for Facebook as part of a Sponsored Post. This option allowed us to target specific demographics or interested to gravitate more people to NSTASIA's music via this post.


Promotional Videos

With stories being one of the most used features of today's top social networks, we constructed story content that previewed each track off the EP to her followers. This was ran both pre and post EP launch.


iHeart Radio Live Sessions

Video content was created for use with iHeart Radio during NSTASIA's Live Session from their HQ in NYC.


Spotify Branded Graphics

Similar to Social Media Branding, the content is also adapted for streaming platforms.


iHeart Radio Snapchat Takeover

Similar snippets of songs were used to create content to preview the album to the world via the iHeart Radio Snapchat account.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.26.16 PM.png