Kochenderfer Church


Kochenderfer Church Logo Redesign

The previous yellow and blue logo was outdated and I was asked to come up with a new design that communicated all of the things they stand for and in a modern way.

Previous Logo.

Previous Logo.


Starting Point

I started by trying to keep similar colors to the old one, but  it was just a color scheme that in a more textual logo, didn't work.


Multiple Logo Options

Upon taking on this project, I designed a few different logo options for them. Their mission is to Invite, Grow, and Serve, but after much talk, they preferred to not include that tagline in the final option. They sided with a rather current 'A United Methodist Community.' 


The Final Product


This logo design took inspiration from the traditional United Methodist Church cross and flame emblem. The big component that helped us choose this design is how simple it is. The logo is adaptable and can be used with just words, words and tagline, words and emblem, or just emblem.